How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Infertility or trying consistently for baby but not able to achieve the desired outcome is more common than any one can imagine and think.Guess what, it’s not all about having any issues with body or anything by birth or naturally that is stopping you for desired outcome.

Its more to do with our daily life’s routine and our life style.


So, if you are one of those who really needs the help for the same i.e. how you can increase the sperm count …. well this is definitely for you.

Let’s begin……

In market or in medical line there are lots of medicines and Technics available, but we believe in natural ways….so now we are going to tell you seven natural ways that you need in your life style to make sure you don’t have any issues with the sperm count.

Yes, increase it naturally by following these steps and adapting the same in your lifestyle….

No.1   Reduce stress


Now stress is something that really is a big issue and a very real issue in todays life…stress can be of anything i.e. from work to family, from social to relatives etc…. Stress though doesn’t help in any positive thing but surely it causes the body negatively …. especially the sperm count. So, make sure you stop taking the stress. Reduce the stress by concentrating on the things you like or you enjoy and keep compony of those who give you happiness or keep you happy. This will not only help you in improving your sperm count but it will surely help you in becoming a better and a healthy person.

No.2  Regular low impact exercise

Going to gym, weight lifting, running etc are good. No issues. But we don’t normally suggest hard exercises. The point is having a body that is healthy and stress free. Do a regular exercise that cause less exertion to the body but it helps your mind to get fresh. Do it regularly and it will help you in your sperm count.

No.3  Sleep more and better

Having a restless body is as worst as it can get and it not only impacts the body but almost all body parts including the sperm count. So, relax, have a timely sleep and sleep as much as possible for your body to get fresh every time. It will help in your count.

No.4  Switch off your phone for some time

It might be very strange to hear but believe me its more than very difficult to implement as well. But for a healthy lifestyle and sperm you definitely need this method to implement in your life. Switch Off your mobile phone for 2 hours daily, either 1 hour two times or direct for 2 hours while you normally use it. Don’t cheat yourself by switching it off while sleep or adding time when you generally don’t use it. 2 Hours won’t hurt you but after realising the difference and accessing the results after a month you will be surely shocked. This kind of transformation helps body and sperm count to increase naturally. All you need is implementation.

No.5  Avoid physical and temperature trauma of the testis

Now this is very important. Sometimes unknowingly we put extra stress to our body parts such as testis, which are very important for sperm. Wearing tight cloths, using hot body products, over heating in sauna bath or warm bath tubs can really cause issues with testis. Make sure you keep testis cool and calm more importantly let them have natural environment. Don’t use very warm water tubs for extra hours and stop wearing tight undergarments and cloth. Do it and you can definitely increase the sperm count.

No.6  Eat clean food, which is high in male fertility nutrients

Now before knowing what a healthy food is, make sure you know what not to eat. Junk foods, high sugar drinks, high sweet products like cakes, alcohol drinks etc are few things that are strictly avoided and must be stopped consumption off if you are suffering from low count sperm. Now what food you need to eat is, green vegetables, juices etc.

No7.  Last but not the least….

In case all these above methods are not helping you as much as you want or you want more fast results, try to take a good male food fertility supplement. Make sure you consult a Doctor for the same and then only take those supplements as recommended. Generally, we don’t recommend these supplements because all the six (6) steps told before this will surely help and you won’t need to take supplements, but few people insists on this, thus it is also advised under a qualified doctor supervision.

 Please Share your views in the comments section below.

Amy Jackson blows internet with her bikini

Amy Jackson is a British actress and model known for her work in Tamil & Bollywood films is currently blowing every fan’s mind off

Recently she shared some of her pics and she is too hot to handle

Currently she can be seen on The CW’s superhero series Supergirl in the role of Imra Ardeen/Saturn Girl.

She began her modeling career at the age of 16, and went on to win the (2009) Miss Teen World competition.

Jackson continues to act in Indian films of all languages, including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada.

Jackson was born in Isle of Man to British Christian parents, Alan and Marguerita Jackson.She has an elder sister, Alicia. The family returned to their parents’ home in Woolton, Liverpool, two years after Amy’s birth so that her father, who works as a producer for BBC Radio Merseyside, could continue his media career.

Jackson attended St Edward’s College, where she studied English Literature, Philosophy and Ethics


What you guys think of her? Comment and let us know.

Bitcoin will Crash

Yes, Bitcoin Crashing soon & will fall to 2 digits
Bitcoin is the buzz of the year.
Started from nothing and boom it is at $15000/- plus
Yes, 1 Bitcoin = $15000 plus and its increasing day by day without any reason.
No doubt this is a bubble.
No doubt Bitcoin is illegal (anything which is not approved by government and is accepted worldwide is illegal for us) .
No doubt Bitcoin has no regulator.
No doubt Bitcoin follows no rules.
No doubt Bitcoin is directly or indirectly promoting hawala money.
No doubt Bitcoin behind the scenes is highly involved in black money and illegal trading.
No doubt people who are letting others to play have zero investment and profits that are not to be even imagined.
Now the question is, if Bitcoin has so many doubts or obvious things involved with it, still why it’s not being controlled or regulated.
The answer to this is, Stock markets.

Yes. Though legally or officially one may say Bitcoin has no connection with stock markets but behind the scenes the huge pumping of money in stock markets are thanks to this Bitcoin and trading involved with it.
We are not saying all of the money is involved, but a good part is involved.
Many companies Liquidity is directly associated with this Bitcoin rates.
Bitcoin is being Traded illegally with hard real cash and a bluff currency is being created which eventually will end with this equity markets liquidity saga.
Small companies are being created, money is being taken from people who want to invest, Not to mention that money is not the white money because all the transactions are purely cash, and that cash is being circulated legally in form of equity markets which eventually will be taken out and that too fully legally and with huge profits.
This is a trap.

Few hardcore facts that should be considered….
No government can actually make it legal especially when it has zoomed to such levels and even if they think to do it then it will be a Shame because in that case no government can save themselves from the dirt that Bitcoin will bring along with it.
So many doubts…. Still Bitcoin is being mined and is being promoted.
No one cares who is involved and how innocent people one day will end up burning their hands.
But calling them innocent…. Well v can really think over it.
Because now the people who are going in this knows the risk and hype ….
So, it’s their decision…
Let them be happy.
Those people who are being benefited and are enjoying with this Bitcoin money and buzz…all the very best to then…
No doubt their decision has paid off …. And they must be given credit.
But harsh reality won’t change and one must remember
Bitcoin eventually will be like spirit on your hands….
U know it’s there
U know it’s liquid
But soon all realise it’s gone… It’s not there now….
So, I hope I get wrong on this, but from 15000+ i.e. 5-digit Bitcoin price…. It will come to 3 and then who knows…. Even 2 ….

Disclaimer: – Its our opinion and thoughts. We are not targeting or defaming any group or people or so-called currency. So, take it accordingly.



Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge Are Married

 Cricketer Zaheer Khan And Bollywood Actress Sagarika Ghatge are married now



On 23rd Nov’17, Indian cricket team pace bowler and Bollywood gorgeous actress and the chak-de star Sagarika Ghatge got married in court.

Sagarika looked stunning in an orange sari with a maroon embroidered blouse. She wore a spectacular necklace with matching earrings and tied her hair in a tight bun. Zaheer Khan wore a soft pick kurta. The couple looked happy as they posed together.

Court marriage will be followed by a grand reception for Bollywood celebrities and Zaheer Team India colleagues on November 27 in Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace and Tower.

We @ wish them all the best for future and congratulate them.


Prevent Diabetes Naturally


Are you Diabetic?  How to Prevent it naturally ? 

Want a natural way to prevent it? You are at a right place….


♥ For a happy family being healthy family is very important. Being healthy not only adds to the benefits of fun and enjoyment but also extends the smiles for long. ♥

Yes, Diabetes… A name which is influencing life’s and family’s. In case you are detected with diabetes, doctor with no second thought will put you under medicine, and that medicine you can guarantee will remain with you throughout life.

Not only this, medicines will later be replaced by insulin’s.
Depending on body capabilities and power these medicines will actually show its true color’s later. If your body can resist that much of medicines effects then OK but later it does have lots of effects on a body.

So, why not we come up with something that can save us from these medicines and naturally help us to overcome from this diabetes problems.
For this, we are starting a new series, where we will share with your natural ways to get protected from diabetes. Yes, these methods will be tried and tested and will surely help you.


Since, this is our first post regarding Health & diabetes in the series, let’s start from basics.


What is Diabetes?
A disease or a group of diseases that result in too much sugar in the blood.
Most of the food we eat is turned into glucose, or sugar, for our bodies to use for energy.
When you have diabetes, your body either doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t use its own insulin as well as it should.
This causes sugars to build up in the blood.


Most common types of diabetes are: –

• Type 2 diabetes
A chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar (glucose).

• Type 1 diabetes
A chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin.

• Prediabetes
A condition in which blood sugar is high, but not high enough to be type 2 diabetes.

• Gestational diabetes
A form of high blood sugar affecting pregnant women.



Diabetes can cause serious health complications including heart disease, blindness, kidney failure. 

But don’t worry, we will help you with ways by which you can get yourself protected from diabetes and that too naturally i.e without medicines.


        Our first suggestion, to control diabetes by natural way is by,     

  ‘Phool Makhana’ also known as Popped Lotus Seeds.


Yes, Popped Lotus Seeds might look small in size but they benefit in a very big manner. Popped Lotus Seeds do help in lowering the sugar levels.
But let’s first understand about Popped Lotus Seeds. And its benefits.


What is Phool Makhana?
Phool makhana is the name given to popped lotus seeds used in Indian cooking. The puffed lotus seed has the bitter center core and the outer membrane are removed, and is puffed, just as popcorn is puffed. It is a very popular food during the fasting. Makhana Ki kheer’ is the most popular kheer during fasting.
Also known fox nut, foxnut, gorgon nut.



Health Benefits of Phool Makhana (Nut, Fox Nut):-


– Prevent diabetes                                                                                                                       Phool makhana helps in preventing diabetes, yes, it is Beneficial for Diabetic Patient. Phool makhana is well known as very high in fiber but the content of fat is relatively low, it is good for diabetic patient with digestive problem while the low fat means lower sugar released. Having it at-least in 5-7 to 10 in number regularly helps a lot.


– Rich in Calcium
Making sure that your body has enough calcium to support your daily activity is a must. There are a lot of calcium supplements products could be found in the market today. However, do you know a healthier way to get calcium for your body? Phool Makhana is a good snack as well as a good source for calcium.


– Good for Blood Pressure
The high potassium and lower sodium contained in phool makhana is good for a person with hypertension. It means, consuming phool makhana could help in regulating the blood pressure, the lower sodium would not affect the blood pressure while potassium will help in decreasing it.


– Phool makhana is an Arthritis Solution
For those who have problem with arthritis, phool makhana which is so rich of calcium is highly recommended snack.

– It Helps in Dealing with Digestion
Phool Makhana is not only healthy to be consumed daily but also recommended for those who have digestion problem because phool makhana is very high in fibre which is proven to be good for body metabolism.


– They are Good for Kidney.
Reducing the risk of kidney problem is the other health benefits of phool makhana. Logically, if the blood regulation is flowing properly, it will ease the function of kidney and make it works a little easier.


– It’s Useful for Heart Disease
Hearth disease is a serious health problem however the number of people suffering it now is progressively increasing. Phool makhana contained medical properties which are believed to be good to strengthen the heart and the better function of cardiovascular.

– Phool Makhana is a good Weight Loss Solution
High in fiber and low in fats are two benefits of phool makhana. Fiber could help in metabolism system and make your stomach feel full while low fat is a quality of snack everybody will look for during weight loss diet program.


– It’s Good for Pregnant Women
The high nutrients contained in phool makhana are good for pregnant woman who is facing high risk of gestational diabetes, hypertension and the high calcium contained in phool makhana is very good for the fatal development.


– High Protein
Protein contained in phool makhana is not only high but also gluten free. It means, phool makhana is highly recommended for those who are allergic to gluten but need healthy snack to provide protein for their body.


– Good for Respiratory System
Phool makhana helps in better active and smooth functioning of respiratory system.


– Phool makhana is a good snack for those who have sleeping disorder. Instead of taking sleeping pills, snaking phool makhana is a much healthier solution to deal with insomnia.

We hope this was/will be helpful to you. Please Share your views in the comments section. If you have any query or Questions, please feel free to comment. Please share with the people you love so that more awareness can be spread.



How Apple’s iPhone x sold out in few mins???


The whole town is buzzing with this question that How Apple’s iPhone x sold out in few mins ??? 

Well, Apple has been the king of marketingThey hype every minor thing associated with them. U can call it strategy or The USA impact that everyone wants a piece of that eaten apple.

Everyone is so mesmerized with the promotions & so-called popularity of apple that it has become a status symbol.

Anyways we’ll discuss how good actually apple is or not some other day.
Coming to the point, how apple was able to get iPhone x sold out in few mins: –

Due to shortage of AMOLED  screen’s apple was never going to fulfill the demand of iPhone’s this time, on time. So, they launched iPhone 8 & 8 plus without it.

Now coming to iPhone x, apple knew, it won’t be easy to sell the phones in that price. So, they came up with another marketing gimmick.

Headline:-                   ” apple iPhone x sold out in few mins”.

Fact is, they never provided sufficient devices for sale at first place which they knew would be required, rather than that they shorted that in number so that more hype can be created.

– Also, this time Apple was not willing to give devices to test or review  on the scale they normally does. As a result every YouTuber, blogger, news influencers or experts latched to the devices they could.

– Also, apple did not release special quota which it always release for celebrities & public figure’s as a good gesture or promotions & marketing. As a result, their buyers team got in Que.

– Ultimately, with some loyal customer base & all others Que was set to order the iPhone x.

It was like apple had 25 in stocks but buyers were 100. So, this resulted in iPhone sold out in first few mins.

Now the question is whether Que will remain for long?

Answer is NO. Apple won’t hold it for long.

Right away soon apple will bring its next lot and we @ won’t be surprised that they will repeat this strategy again.

Why apple is doing such things?

There are few reasons:-
1) iPhone 8 & 8 plus are not successful and before everyone starts shouting this, apple wants to shift attention to iPhone x.
2) iPhone x represents iPhone’s 10 years anniversary & apple wants people to believe that it is something major in the making.
3) Apple believes that this kind of strategy will make everyone believe that this high price is justified.

Now, apple has passed another year making people believe that they are game changer & also raised the pricing of the whole sector quietly with this strategy.
Also this gives time to apple to check their fan base and the extent of possibilities for price hikes.

We @ are not favoring or opposing Apple’s iPhone, we are giving our opinion. So, respect our side of the story as well before triggering a hateful or showing loyalties.

And for the fans who still want to buy the Apple iPhone, links below!KTuuuN







Shankar Sharma Twitter got Hacked

On 26th Oct,
Things were not the same for the Ace investor, Big Bear of the stock market i.e Shankar sharma of First Global when his personal twitter account got hacked.


A real shame for @Twitter ‏when they are not able to control such things and are note able to correct such things even after 5 hours and counting..

We @Imsn_Web firstly reported the same to twitter and many media people.

Here is the screenshots of the Shankar Sharma Twitter:-



This has not happened for the first time and every time twitter is not able to address the issue in the first place and that has been consistent. must raise their security standards so that such things can be prevented.



Where is Kapil Sharma these days ???

Some said he is arrogant….
Some said he has become addicted….
Some said he has lost it….
Some said no one wants to work with him….
Some said he is in depression….

These and many other foolish reasons people including gossip media gave for his absence.

Let’s face some facts

Kapil is ON screen literally every day without a break since he has made his onscreen presence felt from the show  The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2007.


He has been the most successful stand-up comedian…
He is a Brand
His ambitions we cannot understand…
He has a family to look after, so time management is also something he needs to care off…
He has his own priorities
He recently had bad experiences in a row, take colors channel incident, Sunil Grover incident, Sony incident etc. Even a normal person needs some time to recover and here we are taking about a Brand I.e. Kapil Sharma.

              Not only this,

                              Most importantly… His movie is on verge to get released.


To sum up, we must realize he is also a human.
A creative person needs much more time to recover from tiredness or to come up with something creative.

Also, not to forget the standards set by Kapil himself, it’s not that easy job. He is not a machine. And after so many years if he has decided to take time off from TV screen we all must respect him.

Moreover he is coming up with his second movie:-

“Firangi” on   24th November 2017.

Credit:- Kapil Sharma & Firangi Movie


Let’s take this moment to congratulate him & say best of luck.


Kapil Twitter –  @KapilSharmaK9

We at from bottom of our heart congratulate Kapil Sharma & his team and wish him ALL THE BEST for upcoming movie & projects.



EverReady TGC 4B RV Brass, Glass, Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove. Review



EverReady TGC 4B RV Brass, Glass, Stainless Steel Manual Gas Stove (4 Burners) – In Detail. Buy or Not. Is it worth? Value?!NNNN



Buying something for home is always tricky and if it is for kitchen then one cannot afford to be wrong & for a middle-class family it can sometimes become very crucial because they have a list of requirements I.e. from durability to reliability, functionality to features, looks and style to budget.
No doubt there are many options in the market but we must agree that more the options are more the confusion will be.

So, we at have come up with ‘Product Reviews’ section to help those who need to know the reality. Here we only review and post about the products that our team and known people have used. After Genuine people’s real experiences these reviews are being shared.
So, one can trust us and must know that our intentions are good for people to get more aware as a consumer.

As mentioned in the tittle this review is about a product used in the kitchen and is very important. It’s a Burner.
There are many options in the market but one cannot ignore the pricing factor. Add to that looks do matter since it’s a question of impressive looking kitchen.

Our team came up with this product that suits all requirements.

Firstly, lets understand the product details (as mentioned till 21st Oct’17): –

In the Box: – 1 Unit Gas Stove, User Manual

Brand- Eveready
Model Name- TGC 4B RV
Model Number- TGC 4B RV
Body Material- Brass, Glass, Stainless Steel
Trivet Material- Stainless Steel
Burner Material- Brass
Colour- Black, Silver
Shape- Rectangle

Performance Features

Number of Burners- 4 (2big, 2 Small)
Burner Type- High Powered Brass Burner
Ignition System- Manual
Gas Inlet Nozzle Type- Multi Directional
Control Features- Rotary Knobs

Additional Features

Spill Tray Included- Yes
Wear Resistant- Yes
Rust Proof- Yes
Safety Features- Heat Resistant Toughened Glass


Width- 58.5 cm
Height- 5 cm
Weight- 9.5 kg

Warranty Features

Service Type- On-site Service
Covered in Warranty- Manufacturing Defects Only
Not Covered in Warranty- Breakage of Toughened Glass Due to Mishandling, Abusive Use

Review: –

This product has a style and elegance in looks, since it’s a glass body.
With a trustable brand name Eveready and price favouring it adds to the worth of this product.
Easy to operate and manageable in handling.
Works well with no issue’s so far (3 month+ usage and counting)
By far the cheapest available in market (as far as we know) still a proper utility brand item, which makes it a value for money deal.

Available online at Flip-kart & Amazon {Links available below}!NNNN


Our Verdict: Buy


Other than this if you have any questions regarding our review of the product please feel free to contact us.
Also before buying it do compare both the platforms i.e. Flip-kart and Amazon and buy where it’s cheaper because it’s about the Customer/Consumer.
Best of luck. 

{If you find this review useful please do share so that it can reach the people who need }.