How to make money online



Making money has never been easy
Neither in past nor in present

But we never stop trying
It’s the question of our survival.

But how do we make money
How can we make money?

Physical way many do understand, but people wants to know how can they make money online

People wants to know; can they make money online?
Is it really possible?

I tell them….. With a smile  🙂 … Yes, it is possible.

All one need is a platform…… A right platform.

Now the question comes, what is a right platform?
Where is that right platform?

Well, don’t worry…… Today I will tell u a way to earn money online.

A genuine platform to work and earn.

Be your own boss…. Earn as much as you can…. Work as much as you want….

I request you (the readers) to keep patience and continue… soon you will get the answers. And yes, here I will tell you the authentic site from where you actually can earn money without a doubt.

It takes a lot to know from where we can earn money and weather after the hard work we will be able to get the money promised.

Yes, you can and you will.

For this journey, my first pick for all of you in this will be



About the SITE: –

MouthShut is a user-generated content and consumer review web site. The website hosts reviews of restaurants, movies, goods, travel destinations, banks etc. The purpose of the site is to create a community by users for the users where a consumer interest can be protected. Users of the product give their review’s and views also recommendations which is very useful for someone who is thinking about the same. Mouthshut provides the people who writes with MS points, which are redeem in actual money.

Obviously before starting one must read all of their terms and conditions and procedure.



While doing work online many concerns come in mind of a person who is trying to earn. I want to clear all the concerns in this regarding my pick recommendation.


Q: – Are they genuine?

Ans- Yes, as far as my experience goes with them, they are genuine and do pay according to their set procedure.

They are transparent and they don’t hide things. All one must do is read what they say and what kind of reviews and the way they expect.

If someone is serious about earning online, one must try it.

Revenue is generated according to the time and content that one can provide.


Q: – Is this site authentic?

Ans- Yes, was founded in year 2000, so it has its past record and running successfully till now. It is more than enough to have a trust.


Q: –  Do I have to give my Bank or my details to them?

Ans- Yes, it’s quite obvious that if site is genuine and they will pay you, they will verify all of your details along with identity and will ask your bank account details to deposit money along with your registered PAN. So, there must be no fear. Think they are your employer who is to give you salary. It’s the same way we provide details to any other employer, we have to give the details to MS.

Q: – Do I have to give any advance money before I start?

Ans- NO, the best part and the key factor that tells a site genuinely pays is when they don’t ask any money in advance. Same way my recommendation mouthshut doesn’t ask any money in advance or later.

Q: – Can they misuse my details?

Ans- For a professional website reputation is always the main key. So far in all these years no such issue has been reported, so one must believe that they won’t do anything that may damage their own reputation. So, simply saying answer will be NO.


I hope this information was helpful to you. Hit the website and start earning online without worries.


Disclaimer: –  This is my review/writing/opinion/views based on my knowledge and my experience. Nor the site or anyone has paid me for this. This is written and posted for my website