Bitcoin will Crash

Yes, Bitcoin Crashing soon & will fall to 2 digits
Bitcoin is the buzz of the year.
Started from nothing and boom it is at $15000/- plus
Yes, 1 Bitcoin = $15000 plus and its increasing day by day without any reason.
No doubt this is a bubble.
No doubt Bitcoin is illegal (anything which is not approved by government and is accepted worldwide is illegal for us) .
No doubt Bitcoin has no regulator.
No doubt Bitcoin follows no rules.
No doubt Bitcoin is directly or indirectly promoting hawala money.
No doubt Bitcoin behind the scenes is highly involved in black money and illegal trading.
No doubt people who are letting others to play have zero investment and profits that are not to be even imagined.
Now the question is, if Bitcoin has so many doubts or obvious things involved with it, still why it’s not being controlled or regulated.
The answer to this is, Stock markets.

Yes. Though legally or officially one may say Bitcoin has no connection with stock markets but behind the scenes the huge pumping of money in stock markets are thanks to this Bitcoin and trading involved with it.
We are not saying all of the money is involved, but a good part is involved.
Many companies Liquidity is directly associated with this Bitcoin rates.
Bitcoin is being Traded illegally with hard real cash and a bluff currency is being created which eventually will end with this equity markets liquidity saga.
Small companies are being created, money is being taken from people who want to invest, Not to mention that money is not the white money because all the transactions are purely cash, and that cash is being circulated legally in form of equity markets which eventually will be taken out and that too fully legally and with huge profits.
This is a trap.

Few hardcore facts that should be considered….
No government can actually make it legal especially when it has zoomed to such levels and even if they think to do it then it will be a Shame because in that case no government can save themselves from the dirt that Bitcoin will bring along with it.
So many doubts…. Still Bitcoin is being mined and is being promoted.
No one cares who is involved and how innocent people one day will end up burning their hands.
But calling them innocent…. Well v can really think over it.
Because now the people who are going in this knows the risk and hype ….
So, it’s their decision…
Let them be happy.
Those people who are being benefited and are enjoying with this Bitcoin money and buzz…all the very best to then…
No doubt their decision has paid off …. And they must be given credit.
But harsh reality won’t change and one must remember
Bitcoin eventually will be like spirit on your hands….
U know it’s there
U know it’s liquid
But soon all realise it’s gone… It’s not there now….
So, I hope I get wrong on this, but from 15000+ i.e. 5-digit Bitcoin price…. It will come to 3 and then who knows…. Even 2 ….

Disclaimer: – Its our opinion and thoughts. We are not targeting or defaming any group or people or so-called currency. So, take it accordingly.