How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Infertility or trying consistently for baby but not able to achieve the desired outcome is more common than any one can imagine and think.Guess what, it’s not all about having any issues with body or anything by birth or naturally that is stopping you for desired outcome.

Its more to do with our daily life’s routine and our life style.


So, if you are one of those who really needs the help for the same i.e. how you can increase the sperm count …. well this is definitely for you.

Let’s begin……

In market or in medical line there are lots of medicines and Technics available, but we believe in natural ways….so now we are going to tell you seven natural ways that you need in your life style to make sure you don’t have any issues with the sperm count.

Yes, increase it naturally by following these steps and adapting the same in your lifestyle….

No.1   Reduce stress


Now stress is something that really is a big issue and a very real issue in todays life…stress can be of anything i.e. from work to family, from social to relatives etc…. Stress though doesn’t help in any positive thing but surely it causes the body negatively …. especially the sperm count. So, make sure you stop taking the stress. Reduce the stress by concentrating on the things you like or you enjoy and keep compony of those who give you happiness or keep you happy. This will not only help you in improving your sperm count but it will surely help you in becoming a better and a healthy person.

No.2  Regular low impact exercise

Going to gym, weight lifting, running etc are good. No issues. But we don’t normally suggest hard exercises. The point is having a body that is healthy and stress free. Do a regular exercise that cause less exertion to the body but it helps your mind to get fresh. Do it regularly and it will help you in your sperm count.

No.3  Sleep more and better

Having a restless body is as worst as it can get and it not only impacts the body but almost all body parts including the sperm count. So, relax, have a timely sleep and sleep as much as possible for your body to get fresh every time. It will help in your count.

No.4  Switch off your phone for some time

It might be very strange to hear but believe me its more than very difficult to implement as well. But for a healthy lifestyle and sperm you definitely need this method to implement in your life. Switch Off your mobile phone for 2 hours daily, either 1 hour two times or direct for 2 hours while you normally use it. Don’t cheat yourself by switching it off while sleep or adding time when you generally don’t use it. 2 Hours won’t hurt you but after realising the difference and accessing the results after a month you will be surely shocked. This kind of transformation helps body and sperm count to increase naturally. All you need is implementation.

No.5  Avoid physical and temperature trauma of the testis

Now this is very important. Sometimes unknowingly we put extra stress to our body parts such as testis, which are very important for sperm. Wearing tight cloths, using hot body products, over heating in sauna bath or warm bath tubs can really cause issues with testis. Make sure you keep testis cool and calm more importantly let them have natural environment. Don’t use very warm water tubs for extra hours and stop wearing tight undergarments and cloth. Do it and you can definitely increase the sperm count.

No.6  Eat clean food, which is high in male fertility nutrients

Now before knowing what a healthy food is, make sure you know what not to eat. Junk foods, high sugar drinks, high sweet products like cakes, alcohol drinks etc are few things that are strictly avoided and must be stopped consumption off if you are suffering from low count sperm. Now what food you need to eat is, green vegetables, juices etc.

No7.  Last but not the least….

In case all these above methods are not helping you as much as you want or you want more fast results, try to take a good male food fertility supplement. Make sure you consult a Doctor for the same and then only take those supplements as recommended. Generally, we don’t recommend these supplements because all the six (6) steps told before this will surely help and you won’t need to take supplements, but few people insists on this, thus it is also advised under a qualified doctor supervision.

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